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"Harley Davidson" and "vibration" have frequently been felt to be synonymous.  This is no surprise to many Harley riders.

However, this no longer has to be the situation.  We at the House of Balance, over the past 36 years, have transferred standard dynamic balancing skills to the motorcycle industry.  Harley Davidson's along with British vertical twins, BMW horizontal twins and others no longer need vibrate.  We import contemporary rotating/ reciprocating balance factors, tailored to each type engine and particular to that engines application.  This process have been proven successful thru years of practice.

The power of the internet is to offer our "Motorcycle Balance" service to you; as if we were neighbors.  Convenient UPS service or air delivery service coupled with our five day turnaround insures no delay in compilation of your engine project.

We have included each and every step of the balancing procedure that your assembly will go through:


   "The Anatomy of a Smooth Riding Harley"

Initially, the mass of each rotating and reciprocating component is recorded and equalized. 



Next, the bobweight is calculated and created, representing the assemblies rotating and reciprocating mass and application.


Third, the flywheels are precision aligned without the rods and pistons.



Finally, the bobweight is attached to the rod pin and the complete assembly is spun and dynamically balanced.

If you are interested in having your assembly dynamically balanced, or if you would like additional information on your road to a vibration free ride, please e-mail or call us.

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Last modified: July 21, 2006
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