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    House of Balance is a specialty service business concerned singularly with the identification and elimination of vibration. This is our only business, not a side line. 

    Established in 1965, we moved into our modern headquarters in 1990. In-house dynamic balancing capabilities range from one ounce to 10,000 pounds. Portable vibration analysis/balance machines permit us to conduct field analysis/balance operations at your plant. While on site, shaft alignment work can be accomplished with our C.S.I. laser alignment equipment. This aggregation of equipment and experience enables the House of Balance to offer the most comprehensive package of dynamic balancing (field and in-house), vibration analysis and predictive/proactive maintenance capability in the Mid-Atlantic area.

represents a rapidly growing area of our expertise. Through periodic vibration monitoring of
 rotary machinery, we are able to identify problems and plan solutions long before failure


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Last modified: September 25, 2010